Artist Statement

 As makers in the world today, we are drowning in choices, materials, and images that have been severed from their contexts, their histories.  As we pull our materials from the void, so we return them to the void.  What we briefly had use for becomes detritus in the wasteland.  I look to traditions to guide me from this detachment.  Through weaving, sewing, unraveling, and mending, I tell the story of each part of the cloth’s life.  The cloth, in turn, connects me to my histories—that of my family, that of my cultures, and that of my community.  As each piece of string can be rewoven, each scrap of cloth can find a new home.  What was once discarded becomes building blocks in another life, connecting what is to what once was.  The reworking is a retelling of the story that continues.


Born in Nagano, Japan and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Luca is a Fiber artist and a lifelong student of everything. She earned her BFA in Fiber Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She uses being situated both inside and outside of two very different cultures, along with her undying love of learning, to approach this vast and complicated world.  Her three favorite things are her cats, gardening, and hanging out with her younger brother.