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garments woven in the rectangle

All around the world, traditional garments originating from weaving traditions have been rectangular. Before cloth production was industrialized, cutting into something so labor-intensive to create as cloth was considered wasteful. In many cultures, throwing away scraps was sacrilege.

IMG_9526 (1).jpg

Hanten, Replica 

hand-dyed & woven cotton yarn, cotton-bamboo blend batting, found lining cloth,  2018

Hanten jacket patterned and replicated from my mother's hanten. White and red warp threads crossed with black weft make shimmery maroon and gray.

Kimono and Obi: Root Method Study 

16 meters hand-dyed cotton yarn, hemp cloth, paraffin wax, changchin batik tool, MX dye, obi-shin (waist-sash core), 2017

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