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Meditations on Waste

Loom Waste—Unwoven yarn that must be cut from the top & bottom of a finished weaving.

alternatively, detritus in the wasteland

salvaged loom waste & scrap yarn woven in 4 selvedges, 2017-2018

I cannot part with loom waste

abundant cutoffs that still breathe,

quiet lives that end as they leave this loft.

The ancients wove with four selvedges.

Wrapping a single, continuous weft

lovingly between two dowels.

Translation is dimensional

my salvaged gifts are not

detritus in this wasteland.

Thank you to the following weavers for their donations of loom waste:

-April Camlin

-Liz Ensz

-Susie Brandt

-Lynn Chung

-Olwyn Scarbeary

-students from the classrooms of:

Kristine Woods

Atsuko Chirikijian

Christina Day

and many more.

four-selvedge community weaving workshop 

MICA Art Walk, May 2018

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